The Hong Kong-Australia Business Association Limited (HKABA), initiated by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was established in 1987 aiming to promote a positive image for Hong Kong and to reinforce economic ties between Hong Kong SAR/China and Australia. Members are local businessmen with strong Hong Kong connections or those interested in doing business with Hong Kong and Hong Kong organizations based in Australia. The Association provides networking opportunities on which strong trading and investment links are built between Hong Kong companies and Australian companies. It also provides an effective channel of communications for information on economic development and trade opportunities in Hong Kong SAR/China.

The HKABA is a member of the “Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide” established in November 2000, comprising 38 Hong Kong Business Associations in 29 countries. Total membership of HKABA worldwide is over 11,000.

Our Mission

To promote global co-operation, communication exchange and synergy among the Hong Kong business associations worldwide.

To provide a unified global voice that will enhance business and investment opportunities in and through Hong Kong