Minutes of 2015 AGM on 11 Sept 2015

Minutes of 2014 AGM on 03 Oct 2014

Minutes of 2013 AGM on 04 Oct 2013

Minutes of 2012 AGM on 26 Oct 2012

Minutes of 2011 AGM on 14 Oct 2011


 National President Mr Simon Pho
 National Vice President Mr Jonathan Yee
Company Secretary/Treasurer Ms Bonnie Shek
 Board Members: Mr Philip Fung, President of Queensland Chapter
Mr Kevin Cheung, President of New South Wales Chapter
Mr Gary Cheung, President of Victoria Chapter
Mr Wayne Chao, Pesident of South Australia Chapter
Mr Mathew Clarke, President of Western Australia Chapter
Immediate Past President: Mr Peter Sinn


 Patron  Sir Laurence Street
 Advisor  Mr Paul Tighe